Bluestone Standing - eBook

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Bluestone Standing - eBook

Bluestone Standing

By: Jerold Toomey

About the Book

Bluestone Standing is an original and enjoyable wild ride through the earth’s dimensions in antediluvian times. It covers the construction and purpose of the standing bluestone monoliths; a gathering of Gods, genies, and demons warring over the souls of mankind and the domination of the earth; documents the imaginative dramas and worlds from ancient man to the great flood; and depicts a journey from the bluestone world of the galaxy’s overseers to Jinnistan, into hell and the deep sea realm of Poseidon to the founding of Atlantis, where you will meet fallen angels, the children of the Nephilim, deities, demons and historic peoples known and invented. The author makes no claims of historical accuracy being that this is a witness to the visions of his mind.


About the Author

Jerold Toomey is a local musician and poet in the Cleveland area specializing in original works. Now retired from toolmaking in the machine trades, he has time to explore his writing talents. He studied creative writing at Seminole State College in Florida. He excels in the brevity of prose and is considered a wordsmith, songwriter, poet, and lyricist of an original style. His poetry can be found at under his name. He is presently compiling a book of poetry and lyrics to be published in due time.


(2019, eBook)