Bombs and Magnolias

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Bombs and Magnolias

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Bombs and Magnolias
by Bette Rinker

There are people who are born with a strong sense of right and wrong and the courage to follow through with their convictions. These people are what make America great. That difference is what this book is all about.

It is a difference in each of our lives for the better or for the worst; the path has been paved with great and difficult effort, and the choice is ours!

It is the authors wish that you will sit quietly and think about that sacrifice that has gone on before us.

About the Author

The author was born between two mountain tops, which is called a hollow, in Kentucky, and she lost her small world at the age of four. She was then sent to an orphanage clear across the state of ol Kentucky. Then at the age of ten, she was transferred to a small missionary school thirty miles from her grandmother. She was tutored and raised by missionaries. It was drummed into her head by them and her hardworking grandmother that it behooves each of us to make a difference, and that difference can never really be measured. It can and will be forever frozen in eternity. So relax and enjoy this gift called life, and when you do the best is yet to come.

(2011, hardcover, 56 pages)