Bonus Time

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Bonus Time

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Bonus Time
by James LaMarca

James F. La Marca began writing fiction years ago, starting with stories hed create about his daughters and their friends to keep them entertained while his wife was out. His hobby turned professional when he wrote a screenplay called "Mid Life Crazies." He then went on to write for the Newsday Marketeer and can currently be seen showing off his talents in two television commercials and one music video.

Jim lives in the suburbs of New York with his wife, Lynn, where he enjoys sitting on his porch, watching the bay and playing with his four grandchildren. He also insists that a great deal of his book, Bonus Time, is based on fact. The characters names have all been slightly modified to protect their privacy. You be the judge of where fact ends and fiction beginsor if fiction begins at all....

(2011, paperback, 138 pages)