Boys of Babylon

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Boys of Babylon

Boys of Babylon

By: Craig Rory Draheim

About the Book

There is a small tourist trap in the Northern Midwest. A trap may be exactly what it is. People go for the fudge, but is it good enough to risk their life for? In Midwestern fashion, the dark secrets are covered up and disguised as quaint diners, candy shops, and beautiful vacation homes. During the summer of 2004, like every year, a new group of naïve tourists make their way into town. Six boys take advantage of these unsuspecting vacationers as they meet their watery grave on a popular recreational river. This rite of passage turns on the town when tragedy strikes one of their own. The children’s parents are forced to come face to face with the sadistic games of their once “sweet angels.” But how does one handle a child without coming to terms with such a twisted reality in a place where no one wants to confront their demons?

About the Author

Craig Rory Draheim has a varied background, giving him a unique perspective in fiction. Having been a soldier, sailor, painter, carpenter, plumber, surveyor, printing press operator, home health care worker, and maintenance person at a chocolate factory, his experiences are evident throughout his storytelling. He currently lives in Northern Michigan with his wife Margaret. They have two sons, Charles and Craig.

Draheim has written three other stories: Coffee with Ghosts; Nuts, Bolts, and Monster Worship; and A History Book, Sir Elton John, and the Grasshopper Man.

(2017, Paperback, 146 pages)

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