Breaking the Soul of a Folk

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Breaking the Soul of a Folk
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Breaking the Soul of a Folk
by Shirley and Jonathan Burey

This book/play was written to give those who seek their purpose in society some hope to cope in a world that's so unevenly divided. Life becomes difficult for those who understand their footprints must be left in the sands to remain hopeful.

We wrote Breaking the Soul of a Folk from our own experience. This book/play gives a face to the homeless and explains why we, as a civilized nation, should care. We added our poetry and illustrations to give our readers a fuller picture of the concept(s) that we are trying to convey. Finally, we want our readers to UNDERSTAND that equality is for every woman and man as we continue to fight until leaders set their standards and qualifications to advance all races regardless of their previous economic condition.

So, we included our play entitled "In Search of My Soul" to show our readers why we feel that we must stop designing standards to exclude the homeless and stop allowing programs funding that treat them as if they are criminals. What our ancestor wrote earlier still holds true today. This is that the homeless deserve the right to be treated with dignity and be afforded the right to seek their individual purpose. You see, even the homeless will have to come and be judged; for one thing is for certain and that's DEATH, which is everyone's FINAL CURTAIN.

About the Author

Hello. Let me tell you a little about us, my son and I. We were born in Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Murray-Wright High in the late 1970s. After obtaining my B.S. degree from the University of Houston, I began substitute teaching. I still reside and work in Houston.

My son Jonathan Burey began dictating poetry at the ripe old age of four and now, at age seventeen, he is ready to publish his very own book entitled Please Save a Little Wisdom Adults. So, from mother and son, we bring these thoughts of compassion for our fellow man while we're all constantly In Search of Our Souls.

(2012, paperback, 98 pages)