Bus Lines

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8669-3
Bus Lines

by Barbara Reukema Bus Lines buzzes with quirky characters. These twenty poems paint a colorful gallery of pictures from the departure of a squadron of Marines for Iraq to a rare, rainy day in Los Angeles. They frolic with language in the acrostic account of a Victorian-era Christmas and flay the emotions with the recollection of a recent funeral service. The daily drudgery of commuting by bus is offset by mischievous memories of restless relationships, family members, and a pet dog. The poems sparkle with fresh, crisp imagery, which serves to fill in the outlines of Bus Lines. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in England, Barbara Reukema arrived in Canada when she was twenty-four, armed with a masters degree in business. After a career as a stockbroker, she gave up the financial fast track to attend law school. Six years later, she held three law degrees (including a doctorate in air and space law), was married, and had two boys. In the early eighties, the family moved to Los Angeles. In addition to her doctoral thesis, which dealt with airlines rights to refuse to fly certain passengers, she has published a number of articles on that subject. She is a former marathon runner and has held jobs ranging from census taker to law school professor. She started writing poetry while commuting to work on the bus rather than battling LA traffic. Her husband is a weekend ocean swim-racer, and her two sons are in the Marine Corps. (2007, paperback, 44 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.