Business Mantra

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Business Mantra

Business Mantra

By: Emeritus Professor (Dr.) Gary Goh

About the Book

This book provides the foundation for success in any business. It is a business mantra which provides actions and inspirations for a business life. It helps business stakeholders to maximise their abilities in the following areas:


•             Business Planning

•             Leadership

•             Decision making

•             Build a strong and creative team

•             Hire the best brains

•             Know your customers

•             Compete for success

•             Habits of successful people.


About the Author

Emeritus Professor (Dr.) Gary Goh is a business entrepreneur and academic who work tirelessly to enrich the skills and knowledge of people, business owners and organisations. He is a Board member in various organisations in Australia.

Professor Goh’s skills, knowledge and experience include working as Business Owner, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer and Consultant in diverse industries which includes accounting, auditing, aviation, construction, education and training, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, mining, telecommunications, security, transport and logistics, government departments. He has lectured postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs in universities, diploma and certificate programs in polytechnics, vocational education and training institutes in Australia and Singapore.

Professor Goh has been given awards and honours by accredited universities and government bodies around the world for his distinctive achievement in business, leadership, the learned professions, philanthropy, social justice, significant contributions to the business world, education and training internationally. He is also the author of the American published books, Life Lessons (Book ISBN number: 978-1-4809-7710-5) and Applied MBA Management by Application (Book ISBN number: 978-0-8059-8413-2).

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(2018, Paperback, 60 pages)

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