By God's Grace: My Own Personal Testimony

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By God's Grace: My Own Personal Testimony
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By God's Grace
My Own Personal Testimony
by Lenora McClellan

This book tells the story of the authors life in poetic form. Each poem is a real-life experience and testimony to what God has brought her through. To give the readers some insight into what this book is about, here are three poems taken from the book and a brief explanation of what they mean:

1. The House is significant because it opens the closed doors of one of the three houses that the author suffered the most abuse in, even though it is not the house that she wanted to burn down. Like the other two houses, it is still standing. But Lenora is no longer trapped inside any of them.

2. Sisters of Molestation is when Lenora realized that abuse knows no color. It was also when she realized that the hands that abused her were also the hands that abused someone close to her.

3. Its In the Eyes is the authors realization of what she believes is her God-given discernment to recognize some who have been or are being abused, as well as being on guard to some who could be abusers.

By God's Grace is the authors personal testimony to the world that God is able to deliver.

About the Author

Lenora McClellan has been given the gift of writing from an early age. She hopes one day to share this book with others, because it signifies how God has developed and changed her to glorify Him and to inspire others to do the same.

God has blessed Lenora with a purpose for writing, and that is to inspire positive change in others, through God-inspired work, whether it is through plays, skits, poetry or inspiration books. All are mean to inspire herself and others to turn to God.

(2013, hardback, 46 pages)