By the Grace of God

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By the Grace of God
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By the Grace of God

This novel is not about religion, dirty sex, race, filthy words, or opinions. The story is steamy in places!

This novel is an adventure story that develops into a romance story. It has an Old West flavor to it and has unique and strong-willed main characters living through various scenarios. The story also deals with survival under extreme conditions. All characters have their own individual personalities! There is humor, suspense, and a lot of excitement in the story. It has powerful love moments that seem to be very real. There are actual historical events and people. The reader is encouraged to research these topics! There is a realism in the story that seems to turn fiction into fact!

The writing is based on a period of time in the late 1890s. Taking liberties in creating various scenes was strictly limited to allow for believability.

The people depicted in this novel are purely originating from the author, but you know them. They are your friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or relations. The places discussed in this novel are entirely made up, but you have been there, read about, heard of them.

Hopefully, this novel will have something for everyone and total enjoyment in reading will be the result!

About the Author:

The author has never had a book published of any kind. His experience has been limited to letters, manuscripts, and letters to the editor.

The author prefers to use his pen name only since the novel does have a mystery about it and privacy would greatly assist the mystery.

The author admits to being old fashioned in his idea of sexual relations because he has a strange notion that love has something to do with it!

(2016, Paperback, 154 pages)