Call Me Cinderella: The Story of My Life with Incest and Violence

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Call Me Cinderella: The Story of My Life with Incest and Violence
by Maximum Nelson Call Me Cinderella relates a heartfelt sympathetic story, one that tells the story of family violence and abuse with outspoken sincerity and candor and the impact it leaves on its survivors. Maximum Nelsons story is a chronicle of human courage, written by a woman who has survived all forms of abuse, and told with a quiet dignity and sense of vivid detail not often encountered. You will rejoice in this heartfelt story of one womans triumph over many monumental obstacles in her way. You will be inspired by its testimony to the durability and determination if the human spirit. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Michigan, Maximum Nelson lived in Colorado while writing her story. She attended Grand Rapids Community College, the University of Iowa in Pella, and has a bachelors degree in international business administration from the University of Columbia in Metairie, Louisiana. Although she does not consider herself a writer, she penned this story to bring attention to the issues of protection from abuse and incest. (2005, paperback, 34 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.