Cantria: New Realm

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Cantria: New Realm
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Cantria: New Realm
by Laura Rich

Cantria: New Realm begins with two siblings, Emma and Will, who do not have the best start in life. Follow them in an epic tale to a new realm, engulfed in magic and enhanced with medieval themes. In the new realm, Emma and Will are led to Cantria, a beautiful medieval kingdom. They become exposed to new experiences: romance, love, blood, and gore. Emma and Will must learn to use elements to protect the people they love before an epic war erupts between rivaling kingdoms. After the devastating war full with death, Emma and Will uncover the reasoning for their suffering, discovering a more powerful foe.

About the Author:

Author Laura Rich has spent her life in Redcar, located in Northeast England. She is a creative individual and talented artist who has a vast imagination. Through school life, she struggled with her subjects, but always enjoyed art, reading, and writing. It was not until she studied interior design at Teesside University that she was finally diagnosed with dyslexia. The emotional relief of finding out her difficulties finally made her feel normal and not unintelligent. Rich henceforth realised the reasons for her difficulties and strived to push herself to her best abilities. Through her university studies, Rich began to write this book, with no shortness of ideas or imagination a story began to unfold.

Rich believes that writing a book with her dyslexia was extremely difficult, but enjoyed the task. Without her perseverance and dedication, it would not have been feasible. She also strives for people with similar difficulties to continue with what they love and dream to do although it is difficult. If you persevere you can overcome any obstacle.

(2016, Paperback, 198 pages)