Car Mates

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Car Mates

Car Mates

By: Gianluca Byrnes


About the Book

This delightful children’s book delves into the cycle of life, simply and beautifully. The story follows the four “Car Mates” from their starting place at Car Castle car lot, into the real world, and back again. Reed the sports car, Jack the Jeep, Dean the sedan, and Betty the minivan, have their own struggles and dreams.


About the Author

“I wish I could be like that...”

What started as a last minute 10th grade English assignment, blossomed into a personal tale. As the oldest of 5 brothers and a nationally ranked swimmer, Luca felt extreme pressure to excel in school and in the pool. During high school, he experienced a tough few years in which he was training more than ever but struggling to swim faster.

The main character, a worn-out race car, was inspired by Luca himself, who was trying hard to put his best game forward. Mirroring his feelings of disillusionment and wondering “what it would be like to be that guy”, he created a wonderfully poignant story that appeals to the youth of today.

Racing against time to complete his project, Luca put his feelings into words over three days. In collaboration with his younger brothers, Anderson and Eric, the Car Mates characters came to life.

“Simple, charming and relatable; the story came to life over the weekend.”


(2020, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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