Carlita's First Day of School

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Carlita's First Day of School

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Carlita's First Day of School
by Deborah Edwards

Deborah Edwards was reared in Madera, California, in the central part of the state. This is a small agricultural town. During her childhood, she attended Milliview Elementary School and Madera High School. After high school, she attended UCLA.

This renowned educator commenced her career in 1983 as a teachers assistant with a local school district. After completing child development courses at a local community college, she taught preschool and kindergarten. An opportunity presented itself, and she ventured out again to accept an assignment as a Head-Start teacher. Ms. Edwards has taught grades preschool through fifth in elementary school. She has also taught special education.

While teaching preschool, she used the Montessori curriculum, the creative curriculum, and the High Scope curriculum. Years later, Ms. Edwards attended training for the Open Court curriculum for elementary school. Ms. Edwards is familiar with a wide range of reading curriculums in the early literacy field.

She envisioned working with students academically as early as high school. In high school, she participated in Future Teachers of America. She has been a childrens advocate for twenty years.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)