Cat-Logues I

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Cat-Logues I

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Cat-Logues I
by Karin Hjerpstedt

This book about the state of Florida is designed to help all readers be more proactive!

First, look at and discuss all twenty-nine pictures to determine what might be happening! These answers could be written down. Then partner read the dialogue while others see the pictures again. Lastly, answer all the questions on the last page as a spin-off for language arts and social studies.

About the Author

Karin Hjerpstedt (pronounced Yerp-sted, and yes, its a very Swedish name) has been in the teaching field for over forty years. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Karin has spent most of her life in Omaha, Nebraska. Recent art classes and a master of science degree in reading have culminated in exploring historical fantasy in her illustrated stories.

Karin has three children: Kristi Oxford Estrada, Sonya Oxford Pike, and Steven Oxford. When not drawing and writing, Karins hobbies are exercise classes and theater events.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)