Catharsis: A Poetic Purge

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Catharsis: A Poetic Purge
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Catharsis: A Poetic Purge
by Robert Wood

Catharsis: A Poetic Purge is just that: a cathartic purging of emotions through poetry. The poems themselves utilize unique and creative methods to convey their meaning, such as stream of consciousness or internal conversations between the author and his inner voice, while utilizing both free form and rhyming meter.

The meaning of the poems cover a wide array of topics from the authors life, including alienation, depression, rage, grief, loss and yes, even joy. The poems explore these themes out of necessity, as the author has lived a life marred by mental illness, substance abuse and pain. Hopefully this cathartic expression offers similar relief to others who experience the same.

About the Author:

Robert Wood was born in Washington, DC. He grew up in Maryland, and currently resides there.

A late arrival to the field of writing, the author discovered the power of the pen once it was dipped in the deep well of emotion. He first wielded his pen while writing for a national sports website, before seeking a more appropriate outlet to share his deepest thoughts and most painful memories.

Besides writing and following sports, the author loves spending time with his family and always has a song in his heart.

(2017, Paperback, 170 pages)