Cecil Finds True Beauty

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Cecil Finds True Beauty

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Cecil Finds True Beauty
by Dennise Neill

Cecil Finds True Beauty is about a young frog that goes on a journey to find true beauty. His guide is a mystical creature named Miaja, who is half parrot and half lily. Cecil meets many challenges along the way and has to make choices before he reaches his journeys end. When Cecil finally finds Liz, the good witch, he arrives at the end of his quest. Will Liz give him the looking glass so he can see true beauty? This is a great story for small school-age children and a great read for eight to ten year olds.

About the Author

Dennise Neill is native to southern California. Writing and creating fantasy began early in life for Neill. She enjoyed writing and producing neighborhood plays at eleven and received writing awards throughout high school. In college, she pursued a multi-media degree specializing in radio. She wrote and produced many television and radio segments. These talents were stimulated again when Neill started working in a burn unit with children as a registered nurse. The courage of the children she worked with inspired this book.

(2010, paperback, 42 pages)