Celebrate! - eBook

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Celebrate! - eBook


By: Suzanne E. Caldwell

About the Book

Celebrate! You Are a Child of God! is a children’s book that was written in acrostic style poetry and uses scripture to enhance it. The author chose very simple, childlike stick figure illustrations to represent all people of every nation. The book was written to acknowledge and reinforce the dignity and self-worth of every person as a Child of God. The author believes it will be an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and all those who love to read to and with children.


About the Author

Author Suzanne E. Caldwell resides in central Pennsylvania where she has lived all her life. She is a retired elementary teacher who enjoys doing puzzles of all kinds, traveling, and playing games with friends.

Baptized and raised in the Catholic faith, Suzanne is actively involved in parish activities and enjoys attending Scripture Study Groups and Adult Faith Formation Classes. Having participated in the Teens Encounter Christ Program (TEC), being a member of the Cursillo movement, and blessed to have loving and supportive family and friends, she has had and continues to have countless opportunities for which to be thankful and celebrate! Praise God!


(2019, eBook)