Cernak the Lion

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Cernak the Lion

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Cernak the Lion
by Bill Klumpp

Should a hero deny his own nature to protect the family he loves? Cernak, prince of lions, lives in a world where reptilian monsters prey on mammals. To protect his family, he joins a structured, corporate carnival and becomes the main attraction. To his dismay, Cernak discovers the clowns run the corporation and have deceived him with promises of safety and meat aplenty for his pride. In fact, the clowns seek to enslave his cubs and use them as tools to increase their vaunted bottom line.

Beset by enemies and ravaged emotionally and physically, Cernak draws strength from around, within, and above. A true page-turner, try to resist cheering when this lion roars!

About the Author

Bill Klumpp lives in Fallston, Maryland, with his wife, Kim, and his sons, Evan and Jordan. A practicing trial attorney for twenty-six years, Bill was twice a Maryland State Debate Champion while attending Towson University and was selected to Law Review at the University of Maryland Law School.

Bill is a black belt candidate in Aikido, a Sunday School teacher, a student of objectivist philosophy and a life-long fan of heroic movies and stories. Family, faith, justice, philosophy, and heroism, all major influences in Bills life, are easily gleaned from Cernak the Lion.

(2008, paperback, 84 pages)