Changing Strides

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Changing Strides
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Changing Strides
by Heather Pauly

Zack has already lost count about the number of times he has been summoned to the principal's office.

His parents, frustrated when Zack is expelled from school, decide to send him away from home to his Uncle Bill's rescue ranch. Zack is promised to have plenty of work to keep him occupied. He is wondering how much more work he can handle when he is put in charge of a very abused young mare. She is terrified of people and considered a lost cause.

Zack doesn't get much help from his Uncle or Jacob, who is his Uncle's right hand man. How can he help the mare when he knows nothing about horses?

Will Zack surprise everyone with the outcome of his journey?

About the Author

Heather E. Pauly lives in Yerington, Nevada, with her parents, sister, and two dogs, Skip and Kayla. She has lived in Nevada all her life. She is sixteen-years-old.

Here is where Heather waits to have her own horse one day. For now, she is content to ride beside her riding instructor and friends at Horsemanship Headquarters where she has ridden since she was seven.

Heather loves to share her experiences by writing nonfiction, fiction, and short stories. She has always loved horses, dogs, cats, and other animals. She also loves to draw animals (mainly horses) and has illustrated this book.

Heather likes to write about the different views people and animals have. She hopes that others may enjoy how she sees and feels about everyday life.

(2012, paperback, 130 pages)