Cherokee Short Stories

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Cherokee Short Stories

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Cherokee Short Stories
by Running Moon Sweetiebird

O-si-yo (hello) everyone. My name is RunningMoon Sweetiebird. I am the author of this book. I am here to talk to you about this book. The stories in this book are mostly learning stories; in other words, you will take lessons from these stories. Each one of you will learn something different. Each of you will have different opinions about these stories. So I hope that you all will enjoy the stories and take something good from each one, something positive. And may the Great Creator always be with you and keep you on the lighted path and keep you true to your path. Wado (thank you).

About the Author

Let me just start with the fact that it is very hard to talk about myself, so bear with me. I am a Cherokee medicine woman. I do make some medicines and teas. I love gardening and animals. I also enjoy being with my family. I try to honor my mother and father and make them proud and I also try to honor the family. I say my prayers every morning to give thanks for the day, good or bad. I am always thankful. And I do take people at their word, even though some dont keep their word. I still hold high hopes for the ones that dont. I try to do good and be good spiritually, mentally, and physically. I try to keep the light burning bright inside myself and I try to spread it around because you can never tell who you will have an impression on. So try to be at your best. May the Great Creator be with you and keep you true to your path and may honesty light your way. Wado.

(2011, paperback, 32 pages)