Chicken Lips: How the Chickens Got Their Beaks

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Chicken Lips: How the Chickens Got Their Beaks
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Chicken Lips: How the Chickens Got Their Beaks
by M.W. Smith

Chicken Lips is a childrens fictional short story about animal life on Mr. Browns farm and how the chickens got their beaks.

George the rooster is the main character and the story explains how he helps his chicken friends feel better.

About the Author:

When the author observed students at his daughters elementary school applying way too much lip balm on their lips over and over again, he thought that too much of a good thing can sometimes be harmful.

The author is an army veteran and served in the 1st Cavalry division. He served overseas for almost two years, as well as other duty stations over the years. He has always had a passion for writing. He has a great love for his country - the only greater love he has is for his wife and his daughter, Alexa. He and his family of four, including their dog Peek-a-boo, reside in southern Nevada. M. W. Smith has also written A Mothers Day Wish, a short story about a mom and her daughter.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)