Child Delivery in a Court Room

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Child Delivery in a Court Room
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Child Delivery in a Court Room
by Isaac Benjamin

Thomas met Ann after being disgraced from the office of the governor. Sooner than expected, they became intimate and get married.

A new wave of change swept through the land. Democracy once again returned to the country. Thomas was deployed as a company commander in one of the volatile areas. The militants attacked one of his sections and carted away a large number of weapons. The weapons were recovered in a counter-attack. But, rather than get a commendation for gallantly getting back the seized weapons, Thomas was charged and arraigned before a court martial.

Ann was to travel abroad for the delivery of their second child, but could not leave her husband. She moved to Ibadan, the venue of the court martial, even when she knew she would soon be due for delivery. On the day of the first hearing, she fell into labour and disrupted the court proceedings. While she was struggling with pain, Thomas abandoned the trial to attend to his wife. In a moment, Ann gave birth safely to a baby girl. The birth of the child attracted some international concerns that discontinued the case.

About the Author

Isaac Benjamin is a prolific writer with a strong desire to affect the world with his literary classics. He hails from Cross River State in Nigeria. A graduate from the Nigerian Defense Academy, Isaac holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and Defense Studies. The author believes that life on earth is nothing unless we live it for God and for the benefit of mankind.

(2012, paperback, 184 pages)