Child's Dark Soul: Challenges, Choices & Consequences

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Child's Dark Soul: Challenges, Choices & Consequences

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Child's Dark Soul: Challenges, Choices & Consequences
by France Bouvenir

Although France Bouvenir had a difficult upbringing, it enabled her to deal with the experience of facing the shadows of the darkness. The poems in Childs Dark Soul are garnished from the surroundings of her upbringing: the tolerance of hostility and the struggles of poverty, unwed motherhood, homelessness, domestic violence, and rape. She also published more than several of these poems from Childs Dark Soul in The Journey and the Memoir (English version) and El Viaje Y Las Memorias (Spanish version).

These controversial tragedies affected her life though she never allowed them to defeat the purpose of her identity.

About the Author

K. France Bouvenir Y. McSpadden was born and raised in Illinois. She and her family live in New England (Connecticut). France Bouvenir is a theatrical artist who performs in local community theaters and is also an opera singer. She is studying for her bachelors degree in journalism and mass communication and is an honorary leadership council a wall of tolerance honoree at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. France is also a member of the NAACP and a volunteer and member at CPBN (Connecticut Public Broadcast Network).

(2011, hardcover, 90 pages)