The Chinese in God's Land

The Chinese in God's Land
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The Chinese in God’s Land
by Pai Yong Soo

What Da Vinci didn’t realize was that there were mysterious stories held in pictographs that were found in Chinese scripts created by Cangjie. Four scripts (“shen-fu-lu-shou,” meaning “God, blessing, providence, longevity”) revealed pictures that match the stories of creation recorded in the book of Genesis. Professor Gong Yu Hai’s claim of Eden’s location in Yunnan, China and Mr. Richard Sears’ listing of Chinese etymology made the connection possible. While God revealed Himself through the words in the Holy Bible to Jews and Christians, He was also revealing Himself through pictographs in China.

About the Author

The Mystery Confucius Couldn’t Solve, written by two Americans, inspired me to investigate the pictographs of Chinese scripts that related to Divinity. Consequently, the scripts prompted me to examine their etymology deeper to understand why Cangjie created them that way. In the Holy Bible, the claim of Eden’s location in Yunnan, China was another jolt. For nearly two decades, I was a credit underwriter on overseas risks. I was also an evangelist doing church outreach and planting works for some years. Both of these experiences provided me with the competency and rich philosophy needed to undertake this investigation and other works.

(2010, paperback, 104 pages)


The Chinese in God's Land (PDF ebook)
The Chinese in God's Land (PDF ebook)

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