Chip Meets Beeper

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Chip Meets Beeper

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Chip Meets Beeper
by Dorothy J. Hines

While staying at his grandfathers farm for the weekend, Chip experiences a frightening spring storm. The next morning, after enjoying a hardy breakfast, Chip and his grandfather go out to survey what damage there might be from the storm.

When Grandfather finds the mighty oak tree near the house was struck by lightening, he calls for help to cut down the tree.

Chip goes off exploring and comes across a downed tree branch holding an insect. The insect is a bee. The bee introduces himself as Beeper and thanks Chip for helping to save his life. Beeper goes on to explain that the storm threw him off course. He has lost his way.

He and Chip make their way down the road together, until Beeper spots a bank of hives. Hes not sure if any of them are where he lives.

Bees fly by while gathering nectar. Suddenly Beeper notices that they are some of his friends from his hive. He is now able to find his way home.

Beeper and Chip say their goodbyes as Chip watches his little bee-friend make his way home to his hive.

About the Author

Dorothy J. Hines lives with the youngest of her twin daughters, Jennifer, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Early in life, she earned a certificate in nursing and, much later, she earned a BA in communications.

Even though Dorothy has had to give up her love of golfing, she has rediscovered her joy in painting and drawing in her home studio; playing piano; solving crossword puzzles; and reading. She enjoys traveling to various parts of the United States by keeping track of her five children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

This is her first book.

(2009, paperback, 34 pages)