Choosing a Shell - eBook

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Choosing a Shell - eBook

Choosing a Shell

By: Victoria Padron

About the Book

Choosing a Shell is about a young hermit crab trying to make a tough decision in life. This young crab receives help from a parent in order to make the best decision possible for itself. Making good choices is hard for anyone, but it can be even harder on children. It is good to have someone to guide you.


About the Author

Growing up in a family that was involved with foster care for many years, Victoria Padron had to see many children struggling through situations on their own in life. She was grateful to be able to lend a helping hand to anyone she could and it made her thankful that she had siblings and parents who were willing to be that guiding hand to so many different children.

                Victoria wrote this book to be inclusive for all children. She wanted any child who read this book to be able to identify with Swell. Victoria wanted children to be able to see that even if their family is not like other families, there is always someone they can look up to or depend on as a parent figure. Victoria knows that no family is the same and therefore no child is in the same. “We are all different and coming from different situations, why not embrace that?” She hopes that you enjoy your reading of Choosing a Shell.


(2017, eBook)