Choosing to be Kind - eBook

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Choosing to be Kind - eBook

Choosing to be Kind

By: Kristen Bañaga


About the Book

Kristen Bañaga believes that writing a book about kindness is one thing we all need to give and receive. Putting that into the world gives us hope, teaches us compassion, and allows us to grow a place in our hearts for love. It all starts with ourselves and the ability to show that being kind can go a long way. Once you start showing it, you’ll start to see the world in a different light. 


About the Author

Author Kristen Bañaga is a single mother to a 5 year old daughter that inspires her to be the best mother and person, she can be. Kristen works full time and attends school while continuing to raise Olivia. She wrote her first children’s book with hopes of publishing many more. 

Never giving up and being kind is always a constant reminder in their household. Teaching her daughter to believe in herself, work hard, stand up for what’s right and expressing her feelings is an important value to carry throughout her life into adulthood. Communication is a good way to express the importance of just one thing that can change people’s perspective and mood: Being kind to others but most importantly, to yourself!


(2020, eBook)