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by Stanley Gray

The speed of life makes it easier to ignore life. This is especially true nowadays with modern technology. Perhaps cancer is the lesson for this disease that is us. We cant ignore these lessons for long. Wanting is easy and blinding, until what you want you cant have. We all want to live forever. Love is believed to be eternal and mortal life is not, unless love guides you to eternal life. There is no better teacher of this than death. In loving we discover ourselves. In death we can discover even more about ourselves and life, mortal or eternal. Of the latter, it is easy to see one as fact and one as belief, but if you do not believe in you, what facts or mortal life can you cling to? Facts can also end with death. Our greatest achievement must be the discovery of us, of love, life and, unfortunately, death. For, without death, we are only destined to be caught up in a mortal life that ends. Unless we can come to an understanding of it through a discovery of ourselves and how love and life go on even after someone we love is gone.

This book is one mans struggle that ends, not in loss and misery, but in a new understanding of death, life and love as he struggles to be there for the woman he loves while life around him continues to roll by pulling him to keep up. His heart desires to sit and hold the hand of the woman he loves. This is a journey, not about what he lost, but about what he gained.

This book is dedicated to those who choose to stay and help those stricken with cancer. To those who struggle with the helplessness that comes with it as well as the outcome that we all must face someday.

(2015, Paperback, 298 pages)