Christmas Evie

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Christmas Evie
Christmas Evie
by Mr. Robert Lisi and Lorrie Arsenian Rodrigue

Robert Lisi was an accepted applicant at St. Louis University Law School while studying Supreme Court Constitutional Jurisprudence at Fairfield University. He chose, however, to remain in the family supermarket business and then to teach Constitutional Law to students at Newton High School and Central High School's adult evening classes in Bridgeport, CT.

Lisi has written numerous articles concerning the law for his hometown newspaper and has written numerous short stories over the years.

Lorrie Arsenian Rodrigue is the current principal of Ponaperauq High School in Middlebury, CT, having achieved numerous academic honors (e.g. International English Honor Society) and is currently working for her PhD. Degree which is expected in the fall.

(2012, paperback, 28 pages)