Circus of the Mind

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Circus of the Mind

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Circus of the Mind
by Vincent Van Winkle

Circus of the Mind puts an eerie new twist on the classic horror scene. It takes you to the abandoned fairgrounds of Ferrels Fair where a spiritually possessed, mentally torn, psychotic, killer clown and a woman who discovers her powerful, paranormal psychic abilities go on a vengeful killing spree, all the while unknowingly protecting the young, good hearted Marcus Ferrel and his familys land from Edgar Sneed, an evil, power hungry man, and his corrupt group of law enforcement of the town Willows Brook.

A new face for coulrophobics and the horror genre, there is no other book out there like this one. It is a true battle between good and evil.

All of us have that doorway between reality and the unknown. Circus of the Mind gives a glimpse into that doorway.

About the Author

Vincent Van Winkle, author and illustrator of Circus of the Mind, was born and raised in Tennessee. He is a multi-skilled artist and costume maker. Vincent has always been a passionate fan of arts of all kinds, from horror novels to classic black and white films to modern works.

Vincent has always been fascinated with the supernatural, religion, the mind, and the minds known and unknown capabilities.

(2012, paperback, 80 pages)