Citizen/Slave: Understanding the American Sovereign Spirit

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Citizen/Slave: Understanding the American Sovereign Spirit
by Robert Hart Citizen/Slave, Understanding the American Sovereign Spirit is a treatise that describes with acute accuracy what freedom, liberty and justice really means, how the American people have been tricked out of their sovereignty by stealthy legal illusions, and how the people can repair America by regaining control of their individual unalienable rights. Citizen/Slave explains the problems in detail, how they evolved, how they became erroneously accepted by the people, what the legal illusions and realities are, and what the American people can do to save their individual sovereignty and country, thereby creating a totally free and prosperous society with safe guards that can never be corrupted again. Sprinkled liberally throughout this book are quotes from numerous well-known personages from history which remind us of immutable principles that have been overlooked in our fast pace modern world. Citizen/Slave puts together the pieces of the puzzle for understanding the long forgotten common sense principles of creating justice, and why governments and societies either succeed or fail. Without these organized foundational principles, like a boat without a rudder, societies and governments will waffle in the uncertain tides of confusion and injustice that has been the downfall of every great society. Citizen/Slave is a must read for all people young and old, lay people and professionals, students and professors alike. Understanding the principles expounded in Citizen/Slave are as important to the freedoms, liberties and justice of people, as reading, writing and math is to functioning in the modern world. Citizen/Slave is a simple roadmap for catapulting society into the next step of human evolution. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Robert C. Hart lives with his wife on their horse ranch in the foothills of Redrock Canyon outside Las Vegas Nevada. Robert is an author, building contractor, property inspection consultant, horsemen, rancher and common law civil rights litigator. He is the father if five and is the founder of the SOVEREIGN RIGHTS PROTECTION COALITION, which is an organization, dedicated to protecting the private unalienable rights of the people. Robert has been on the forefront of the peoples freedom movement for more than 10 years, litigating government on different issues relating to the unalienable rights and liberties of the people. Like many other people in history that have put aside the luxury of enjoying the stasis quo, Robert has sacrificed to bring forth the one all inclusive sovereign principle and foundation of law that addresses the primary flaw of our current society and government. The authors relentless efforts of authoring books and forcing freedom issues through the court systems, has hopefully planted a seed that will cause true freedom and liberty to flourish for centuries to come. (2005, paperback, 124 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.