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by Fred Edward Powell

The term CK-One is the unit designation for an investigative team made up of two local detectives and an FBI agent. The two agencies have pooled their resources to investigate the grisly murders of police officers. Lynn Silvertrees is the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, and the two local detectives who make up CK-One are Tad and Nova.

The murders have occurred across the country with the latest happening in this jurisdiction. The crimes have been linked by the not-too-subtle sexual overtones present at the crime scenes. Methodical crime scene investigation techniques lead the investigators toward a logical conclusion but before they close in, the killer strikes at one of the elite members of CK-One.

About the Author

Fred Edward Powell is the author of CK-One. This is his first publication. He is acutely aware of police procedures and investigative techniques after having spent the last thirty years as a law enforcement officer. During that time, he has earned numerous letters of commendation. He has firsthand knowledge of every aspect of every function of the police department. The citizens of the city he served have expressed deep appreciation for his dedication to duty with many letters detailing his valiant actions.

He attended Owens College and lives in Toledo, Ohio. He can be contacted at

(2009, paperback, 136 pages)