Class Dismissed: Lessons of Survival

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Class Dismissed: Lessons of Survival
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Class Dismissed: Lessons of Survival
by Marsha Dionisio, Christopher Raichle, and Triantafillos Parlapanides, Ed.D

Three Powerful Players

One More Powerful Storm

A Compelling True Story.

Can a veteran teacher, young principal and overwhelmed superintendent ban together to rebuild a school district?

This is the riveting true story of three educational professionals and their experiences before, during and after Super Storm Sandy. A glamorous grandmother, nearing retirement after 28 years of teaching faces a class of traumatized students after the hurricane displaced her from her home and destroyed her possessions. A young principal, fresh on the job, must take the lead and guide his faculty and students back to normalcy. An idealistic superintendent finds a way to save his school district by opening his heart and high school to save an elementary school.

Dive into the lives of these three key players and their interweaving personal struggles. Read how they work together to unlock the key to keeping positive, strong and persevering. Peek into their very different personal lives, their efforts to preserve their jobs and save an elementary school from destruction. Discover how national fame and notoriety find these educators doing what they were born to do...devoting their lives to the profession of educating children while risking their reputations for their welfare. This is truly an amazing real-life drama.

(2016, Paperback, 176 pages)