Closer To You Than Ever Before (2018)

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Closer To You Than Ever Before (2018)

Closer to Your Than Ever Before

By: Danette Wall

About the Book

Thirty-year-old Skyy Thomas has three special dreams that she desperately wants to come true. In this order… the first goal is to open her own daycare center; the second goal is to have a safe house for homeless and abused children; and last, but not least, the most challenging of them all, is to convince her best friend and lover to forget about the past and look forward to their future together after she intended to propose to him.

                Three years later, Skyy has been working her butt off making her dreams a reality. One morning, she gets up out of bed with a smile on her face, the first in a very long time. Skyy goes into her newly remolded bathroom to take a shower. Rushing out of her house and running to the driveway, where her blue Jeep is parked, Skyy unlocks the car to get in. After pulling out, Skyy remembers that she received a text message last night.

                While reading the message, Skyy begins to hyperventilate and what she reads almost causes her to have a car accident with the car directly in front of her. When she finally arrives at work that morning, her hands are shaking so badly that she can barely turn the darn Jeep off. However, before exiting the Jeep, Skyy contemplates returning the text message or placing a phone call.


About the Author

Author Danette Wall is very excited—she finally finished her first novel! It has been a very, very long ten years in the making on her journey in becoming an author. Over the years, she has experienced good and bad relationships between family and friends. Her passion and love to write takes her to a place where she can let her creative juices flow. In life, there is always a story to tell in every relationship you experience. The awesome thing about becoming an author is that the sky is the limit with your creative mind. You can bring the tears, joy, and laughter together all at the same time and it is okay. Wall loves life and love people, so it’s time to experience the birth of her first book, Closer To You Than Ever Before…


(2018, Paperback, 96 pages)

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