Collection of Love

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Collection of Love

Collection of Love

By: Chyanne Dee

About the Book

Collection of Love is about older people finding romance. The possibility is always there as Jaylon Radcliff finds it in an unexpected place, his SUMMER SPRING.

LOYAL LOVE can come back once in a lifetime. Young love thought to be lost finds its way back after several years astray, as Raye Ann’s true feelings are discovered.

Being CROSSED is not fair game to Kara. Married to someone that you want to believe in, sometimes regretting not knowing more makes for a suspicious and upsetting circumstance, putting one in turmoil.


About the Author

Chyanne Dee grew up in a small town in Indiana. The oldest of seven children, life wasn’t easy. School wasn’t her only outlet; work taught her at an early age, since money was scarce for a widow with five children at the time, working in muck fields weeding vegetables with her brother until she was old enough to get a better paying job. At a young age, she thought that she found a better life in marrying. Several years later, having one daughter, she divorced. Today, she is remarried, still lives in the same small town and enjoys traveling, cooking, and writing.

Romance is always on her mind as Chyanne pens her fantasies. She feels that there is always room for romance in one’s life, whether real or fiction.


(2019, Paperback, 70 pages)


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