Collection of Poetry (by Fredrick Serna)

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Collection of Poetry (by Fredrick Serna)

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Collection of Poetry
by Fredrick Serna

Well, let me just say that I love writing poetry. It eases my mind and helps me forget about my problems and/or worries. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with others because I know most people are going through about the same thing I am. So I wrote this book of poems to share with everyone and hope my poems can ease your worries, fill your hearts with joy, and put a smile on your face. Yes, there are some sad ones, but hey, theres a point in our lives where we will be sad. Whether you have lost someone or are just having a tough time, I hope these poems really touch each and every one who reads them.

My book of poems is about our lives and what we go through each day, from having our kids to losing someone or just thinking about life and our challenges and choices. Everything Ive been through or am going through, even the choices Ive made, are in the poems you are about to read. I am sure you will enjoy them because, like I said, they will have something that youve been through or are going through. Even the choices I made are in these poems you are about to read.

I do hope to be able to write more poems, help people ease their worries, and just fill their hearts with joy. Be good to your heat and true to your soul. Stay fair to yourself and let your worries go.

About the Author

My name is Fredrick Serna. I was born on March 13, 1978. My parents are Fernando Serna and Rita Luna. I have one brother and two half-brothers, two sisters, and two half-sisters. Im from Denver Harbor, Texas. I have three kids: Anthony (13), Alyssa (9), and my baby boy, Noah (2), whom I love so much. I completed high school in 1996 and am planning on going back to take radiology classes at Houston Community College. Ive always wanted to study and/or do x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans.

Ive lived a hard life, but who hasnt? Ive made it this far, and Im not giving up because I have my kids to live for. I will do whatever I can to be there and fulfill their dreams as I am trying to do mine.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)