Collection of Poetry (by Kimberly Johnson Louis)

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Collection of Poetry (by Kimberly Johnson Louis)

Collection of Poetry

By: Kimberly Johnson Louis

About the Book

Kimberly Johnson Louis’ poems range from the beauty of the outdoors to the internal soul of human beings and family. It describes human emotion at its best. It will engage you in all aspects of life, from beginning to end, as you live day to day. Kimberly’s hope is that when you read these poems, they will leave you feeling the same way she did when she wrote them.


About the Author

Kimberly Johnson Louis writes poetry as a way to express her feelings in a way she can never put into spoken words. She sees everything as if it needs to be written; like a robin flying to the ground or a couple sitting on a bench. Throughout her life, Kimberly could write what she was feeling or seeing, and today she tries to inspire others to write.

Kimberly lives in the country with her son and continues to write poetry.

(2018, Paperback, 48 pages)

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