Collection of Poetry (by Richard Jacks)

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Collection of Poetry (by Richard Jacks)

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Collection of Poetry

by Richard Jacks

The author is Richard Jacks and he presently resides in Hammond, Louisiana. Jacks has been writing all of his life, but did not understand its purpose. That is probably why he did not take it seriously, he would write down whatever came to mind. Over the years, the purpose of Jacks writing became clearer to him, and I he understood that it was a talent.

As Jacks has gone on in life, he has worked as a waiter in his younger years. He then moved on to working at a bank. He gained more experience in the work field, and became a steel worker. He was also in the union and a union leader. Once he retired from there, he took his writing very seriously, and this book was born.

(2013, paperback, 74 pages)