Collection of Poetry (by Wendi Coleman)

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Collection of Poetry (by Wendi Coleman)

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Collection of Poetry
by Wendi Coleman

The poems in this collection relate to the authors personal experiences, expressing hardship, disappointment, rejection, and sadness, but not without triumph and victory. These poems show that through suffering there is a bright light, and that light is Jesus.

About the Author

Wendi Coleman lives in Canton, Ohio. She received an associates degree in records informational management from Stark Technical College and a bachelors in business administration from Malone College. She is presently employed by the city of Canton and has been married for four years. Coleman has two children and three grandchildren from a previous marriage.

Her hobbies are varied and include bowling, fishing, roller-skating, reading, and traveling. She also sings in her church choir and recently directed the churchs Easter play.

(2010, paperback, 56 pages)