Collection of Poetry (Ramon Gonzales)

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Collection of Poetry (Ramon Gonzales)

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Collection of Poetry
by Ramon Gonzales

This book of poetry is a collection of poems I have been writing for a very long time. In this book, I try to take the reader to places he may not have ever been. This book will work your mind and make you thinkif you want to. I put myself into each poem and think of what others might think.

Some of these poems took days to write, no matter their length. For me the most intriguing ones come to my mind easily. Then there are the ones about my life. Just take it as you want and take from it as you feel. Some of you will not, but many will. Have a nice read.

About the Author

My name might set you back a bit. My father is Puerto Rican, and I grew up in a small town in Tennessee. I first knew I was a writer when I was twelve years old. I just wrote down things I heard and saw around me and my town. Then a year later, I got to go to the library. The first book I picked up was a book of poems. It was Edgar Allen Poe. I was seeing the world in a different light.

Throughout the rest of school and my ten years in the Army, I would write each time I got a chance. I like to take long walks on the beach to clear my mind. I love to cook and while doing so I think of what to write about next. My mother told me to do the best I could at each thing I set out to do. She told me patience is far beyond haste. I hope you, the reader, understand. For me life is good. I love to do what I love to do. Writing is one of them. Being a scorpion has its ups and downs. I would not change any part of me.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)