Collection of Short Stories (by Paul W. Birtles)

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Collection of Short Stories (by Paul W. Birtles)

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Collection of Short Stories
by Paul W. Birtles

Paul W. Birtles was born in Stafford, England. At the age of four, he did not think he would make it to his fifth birthday. A stork had escaped from the zoo, and he hid, thinking it would swoop down and take him back to where babies come from.

Now far past his fifth birthday, Birtles lives in Norway with his wife and son. They live in the forest, where there is plenty of wildlife to spur the imagination. Winters are hard, so thats when Birtles does most of his writing and drawing. When the snow is deep and the bare bones of the tree are frost covered, its easy for him to daydream.

The stories he writes usually have a funny side to them. He has hundreds of them that he plans to illustrate. Not one for zip guns or space battles, Birtles like magical stories that get the imagination going. He hopes his stories will cause readers of all ages to smile.

(2012, hardcover, 66 pages)