Collection of Work (Daniel C. Gelin)

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Collection of Work (Daniel C. Gelin)

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Collection of Work
by Daniel C. Gelin

In this collection of poetry, the author meditates upon emotions, sensations, and feelings that he has shared with important people he has encountered in life. His subtle writings derive from his detailed recollections of feelings he has retained all through the years. In his poems, he opens up to us, inviting us to reflect with him on the power and beauty of our most secret yearnings.

The observant reader will find undertones hinting of Gelins ultimate search: to find the hidden truths that will lead us to that great reward we all wish to find, peace.

His powerful command of the language is evident in his expressions and his deep metaphors. He sings with an emotional display of warmth and joy for his ever-so-present imprints.

Deeply touching, uplifting, and full of life, Collection of Work will surely be a frequent read on many a readers rainiest days.

About the Author

A simple but resolute optimist in real life, the author has always kept his notepad handy to record stories and thoughts he felt worthy of sharing. It is from these notes the author created the poems herein.

Daniel wrote his first poem, a prayer asking to find a friend who would understand him, at age twelve. The poem was read on a local radio station and won first prize that Sunday morning.

The authors fluency in three languages has helped him learn from people of different cultures. He believes the feelings and stories he encounters are universal. He used these contacts with other people, coupled with his own personal experiences, to write this book.

(2009, paperback, 32 pages)