Collection of Work

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Collection of Work

by Nancy A. Smith Love can be a delicate emotion. If exposed too soon, it can wither and die and give way to sorrow and sadness. In this intensely emotional collection, Nancy Smith shares with us love lost and love unrequited. Listen to the poets voice as she takes us on the roller coaster of life and love, a ride that all too often ends tragically. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A child at the end of the Second World War, Nancy Smith left school early to marry and raise a child. The marriage ended in divorce. She went to business school and supported herself by modeling. During her life, Ms. Smith has been divorced twice and spent time in a mental institution. Then she re-met a childhood sweetheart who encouraged her to write poetry, giving her an outlet for her emotions. (2004, paperback, 220 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2 3 business days.