Come Closer to Heaven

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9739-2
by Mary Prez Vansher Inspired by Mary Prez Vanshers faith in God, Poems and Songs paints a picture of pain, suffering, and despair through the poetic voice of simple rhyme and tone. The poet will bring music to your mind and heart with her simple lyrics spiced with faith, fidelity, and love. From the pain of war in I Look through the Window to the innocence of Puppy Love, she reaches a wanting within all of us as we feel the touch of God in our lives and the human need for love. Poems and Songs is a simple expression of the love, strength, and courage we find in others and us. Join the poet as she sings of the deception of love in You Let Me Pretend and the fidelity of Sing a Song of Love. You will enjoy its simple readings and songs and inspire you to come closer to Heaven. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mary Prez Vanshers parents brought her to the United States at age five. She lived in New York City, where she found faith & inspiration while trying to fulfill her dream of freedom, living in America in the barrio along with her grandmother and brothers. In 1968 she enlisted in the U.S. Army and served with pride and honor. It was her commitment to God and her faith that helped her break through the despair of human suffering as seen during her time of service in the Vietnam War. Even in war, she found love. Her husband of many years was also a soldier. It is her prayer that these poems will bless you and bring faith to many. (2005, paperback, 240 pages) Availability: Usually ships within 23 business days.