Come Listen to My Heart/ He Will Meet Us There

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Come Listen to My Heart/ He Will Meet Us There

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Come Listen to My Heart/ He Will Meet Us There
by Lonna El-Talabani

Come Listen to My Heart/ He Will Meet Us There was written with the goal of bringing hope of healing to those who live in the darkness of painful memories after suffering abuse. It can also assist those who want to help others understand they are valuable.

This book contains descriptive stories of various abusive experiences, their resultant behaviors, scriptures, and healing prayers, as well as questions at the end of each chapter. It is hoped that it moves the reader from pain to victory. We all have the capability of overcoming.

The author shares the experiences of her life as an abused child and young woman, then relates what led her into a walk of freedom, forgiveness, peace, and joy, which can only be had as one places their life in the hands of the one true God.

About the Author

Lonna lives in central Illinois and is a mother of five, grandmother of twelve, and great-grandmother of one. She is a registered nurse, Stephen minister leader, and Bible study leader. She also enjoys writing, reading, womens ministries, and cooking.

After many years of working in womens ministries and womens prisons, it was apparent many women were suffering from the scars of childhood physical and mental violence, incest, and a myriad of other issues. So many women were victimized to the point of viewing themselves as worthless. Lonna understands these issues, as they once described what she had been told she was. She is inspired to write and be available to women as she invites them into a healthy and holistic life of freedom and joy. To God be the glory.

(2009, paperback, 160 pages)