Come to Espera

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Come to Espera

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Come to Espera
by Maryam X

Jess, a.k.a. Xohim, is the illegitimate son of James Arthur, a sociopathic murderer, rapist and kidnapper who raped and kidnapped Jess mother, a twelve-year-old Weheechee princess. Jess is a special child. It has been prophesized that he will become the leader of the Weheechees, the Osirian Cult, and a ruthless slave activist. He fulfills these roles by pursuing the Blue Falcon Cult, led by the enigmatic Anne Diane, the Palleys matriarch. Accompanied by Allahs warrior angels and F.A.M., he proceeds to eradicate Anne Dianes cult by rescuing the slaves before her followers can get their hands on them.

About the Author

The author gets inspiration from Allah (God). Its His influence that guided this book. The author has a Master of Science degree and resides in the Midwest.

(2011, paperback, 512 pages)