Comeback Cody

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Comeback Cody
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Comeback Cody
by Austin Paull

Cody Gallagher is the star shortstop at Hoover High School. As a junior on the varsity baseball team, he is attracting the attention of multiple big colleges. The scouts are talking full-ride scholarship opportunities as long as he can stay healthy.

But with an injury in each of his first two high school seasons, trouble strikes when he gets hurt a third time. The colleges pull their scholarship offers and Cody is left with a decision. Give up on his dream of going to college and continuing to play baseball? Or mount a comeback in his senior year to prove to the colleges he is worthy of their offers and can stay injury free? What will he do?

About the Author:

Austin Paull, a youth author, was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. Paull has always had a great passion for sports, especially baseball, which he has played since he was five years old. His love of the game will keep him playing well into the future and is what inspired him to write his first book.

Having written many short stories about sports, at the young age of fourteen, Paull dedicated himself to writing and having his first book published. That dream of becoming an author has been realized with Comeback Cody. Paull takes pride in writing baseball fiction for readers of all ages to enjoy and looks forward to producing more in the future.

(2017, Paperback, 136 pages)