Companion Books: 7th Coordinate - Lost Then Found / Chrysillas

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Companion Books: 7th Coordinate - Lost Then Found / Chrysillas
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Companion Books: 7th Coordinate - Lost Then Found / Chrysillas
by Elaina Kristy

Companion Books includes two stories, 7th Coordinate - Lost Then Found and Chrysillas.

7th Coordinator Lost Then Found is a true story of a high-speed jock coming of age in the expanding sixties. Boomers everywhere will remember the days and nights of their youth.

Chrysillas continues the journey of life that we all travel and tells a true story of the greatest of tragedies and the great love that we begin to understand as we gain in experience and wisdom through our journey in life! When we recognize that our differences are our strengths, we can unite with golden thoughts and open a new page in history: the coming of a new dawn in human consciousness!

We enter into a new future when we begin to understand that our actions of today create our tomorrows in a literal sense. May we all keep in mind that we must be the change that we wish to see in order for it to become a better reality for our children and their children. Our children are our future and all are pearls of great price!

About the Author: laina Kristy is the new kid on the block. She is the author within the story. When she resided in the North, she would bring out the snow diamonds. When in the South, she was thought of as the Pearl of the South, a breath of life. It is sure that all of her days she brings sunshine and beauty in feminine form!

(2015, Paperback, 194 pages)