Compilation of Poetry

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Compilation of Poetry
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Compilation of Poetry
by Persephone Taylor

Poetry defines the undefined. Persephone Taylors work explains life, friendship, love and family. It tells an untold story that many people cannot speak about. Hopefully, people will listen.

The title comes from the authors mother. She thought the book would be a good accomplishment, so Persephone took it into consideration. Compilation of Poetry is a personal piece of work. It is the beginning of whats to be expected in the future in terms of whats to be expected from Persephone as a writer.

Persephone hopes readers enjoy this book as much as she enjoyed writing it

About the Author

The author is Persephone Taylor. She is twenty-years-old. To her, poetry is life. She has been writing poetry since she was fifteen.

This book is just a taste of what Persephone can really do. She wanted to show friends and family how grateful she is to be a writer.

Persephones inspiration for writing is self-explanatory. All you have to do is read

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)