Composers 1 to 20

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Composers 1 to 20

Composers 1 to 20

By: Christopher Grant

Illustrated by: Dalian Grant

About the Book

Composers 1 to 20 is a book that combines the subjects of math, music history, literature, and geography. The book gathers a collection of composers across a time span of over 300 years starting from the Baroque era all the way until the 20th Century Modern era. It also covers a diverse grouping of musical styles, genres, and countries. The goal of Composers 1 to 20 is to introduce children to classical music in a friendly and accessible format from a young age. Additionally, it aims to encourage young children to pursue music education. This book is intended for an audience from ages 4 and up. Listen to the music of the composers presented in Composers 1 to 20 on the Facebook page,


About the Author

Chris Warren the author and Dalian Grant the illustrator are educators in New York City. Chris Warren is a professional musician and music teacher who can play many various instruments. In addition to being an educator, Dalian Grant is also an artist. Chris conceptualized Composers 1 to 20 in the Summer of 2017. After completing the text, he met Dalian Grant through a mutual friend. Dalian quickly accepted the challenge of being the illustrator for this project and provided the illustrations. Composer 1 to 20 is Chris and Dalian’s first musical children’s book and hopes to work on a second book in the near future.


(2018, Hardcover, 30 pages)

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